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Environment and Sustainability
Environment and Sustainability
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Environment and Sustainability

Our commitment to the future


Learning Happens is committed to protecting the environment for future generations. After all, we choose to work alongside children and work towards better outcomes for them.

Where we can we reduce the amount of printing and paper waste and where printing is required and considered necessary, we prefer to use recycled paper, vegetable inks, bamboo products and sustainably farmed materials.

We recycle and reuse whatever we can, including when we work with clients and educators and in the products we use and deliver.

We are also long standing membership holders at Reverse Art Truck Inc and frequent Resource Rescue, opportunity and second-hand shops in search of useful materials for inservice training and incursions with children.

Education for Sustainability workshops- we believe in facilitating the sharing of ideas and ways of knowing. Our workshops are designed around building knowledge of education for sustainability to share with co-educators and children in the learning environment.



We hold a membership for Environmental Education in Early Childhood Victoria (EEEC) which is a non-profit organisation providing support in relation to education for sustainability in the Early Years.   http://www.eeec.org.au/

Bron is also the secretary of the EEEC in 2014.



We have been part of the professional development offered to services as part of the Seedlings Pilot Program for Early Years Education for Sustainability  www.facebook.com/seedlingsEYEFS 



We partner the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES) to deliver their early learning incursion program which has been developed in conjunction with EEEC. The incursions aim to introduce children to environmental issues in a fun, engaging and interactive environment. CERES brings the sessions to the Early Childhood environment. More information about the program is available at 


Sessions include the following topics:

  • water cyclists
  • wonderful worms
  • rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle
  • not just vegies

We are very excited and fortunate to be working with CERES on this project and encourage educators and colleagues to investigate these learning opportunities for children.


learning happens... when we share and build our knowledge of sustainability and environmental education together.